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Home Systems Protection Coverage

Home Systems Protection Coverage

Tackle your Spring maintenance to-do list with confidence

Finally, spring has sprung in Massachusetts! Who among us doesn’t welcome the first flower blooms, the first sprigs of green grass, and the cheerful sound of birds chirping? Even if you love the winter, we’re sure you agree that, by April, it is time to say goodbye to the frigid temperatures and gloomy grey days and hello to milder weather and sunny blue skies.

If this season of new beginnings and growth has one drawback, it may be that it is also the time of year that many of us feel an obligation to handle all our home repair projects and yard work. We, of course, would love to get all these things done in the next couple of months so that we have lots of time to enjoy all that the New England summer has to offer.

With a whole bunch of things on your list to do before the sizzle of summer hits, you are probably contemplating, “Where do I begin?” HUB International, Insurance Center of New England, enjoys being a resource for our clients and our community when comes to all things home related. When we are looking for simple home repair advice to share with you, we often find ourselves turning to HGTV. You can find many helpful tips on their website for the do-it-yourself homeowner, which is where we found this great checklist of Home Maintenance Tips for Spring:

    1. Start at the top. Examine roof shingles for any damage caused this winter and call a professional roofer to fix any leaks before the heavy spring rains arrive. Check the exterior of the chimney and have the flue cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep. Also, inspect and clean the gutters.
    2. Study the perimeter. Probe the wood trim around doors, windows, railings and decks for signs of cracks or rot. Also, look at any concrete you have around your house and fill in any cracks and secure any loose pieces. Finally, test outside faucets for damage or leaks and call a professional plumber to repair as needed.
    3. Prepare to be safe and productive. Perform a safety check of all power equipment such as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and hedge trimmers to make sure they are in good working order. Also, move firewood you stored near the house away from your home.
    4. Ensure all systems are good to go. Hire an HVHC company to service your central air conditioning unit.
    5. Finish at the bottom. Fill in any low-lying areas around your foundation with compacting soil to prevent flooding.

There are, of course, any number of items that could be added to this maintenance list, but we think this gives you a great starting point for your spring clean-up work. Also, by starting and completing small projects first, you will gain the confidence that will propel you forward to tackle the bigger items that will need more of your attention and time.

Now, your next question might be, “What if I find some problems?” We understand the desire to avoid doing some of these steps so that you don’t uncover any issues; after all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right? But, in fact, if there are concerns with your home that have been caused by weather, age, or a mechanical malfunction, you absolutely want to identify these issues today for the safety of your home and everyone who lives in it.

The good news is there are some items on this list, that with the right insurance coverage, you can repair or replace with minimal cost to you. You may think this sounds too good to be true, right? As your friendly neighborhood insurance advisor, we are pleased to be the ones to tell you how this is absolutely possible!

There is a relatively new home insurance endorsement, called Home Systems Protection Coverage, which our HUB International advisors are recommending clients add to their policies. Why? Well, let’s say your HVAC company were to give you the bad news that your central air went kaput over the winter. Having this additional coverage in place could save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Let’s talk about home systems protection coverage

Many of our home insurance carriers now offer this affordable endorsement that you can add to your current homeowners’ policy for as little as $35 a year. Home Systems Coverage provides up to $100,000 coverage for damage caused by a sudden and accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown for systems and equipment that generates, transmits or utilizes energy such as:

      • Central air conditioning
      • Boilers, furnaces, heat and well pumps
      • Conventional and solar water heaters
      • Radiant floor heating
      • Renewable energy systems (such as solar, wind, geothermal)
      • Electrical service panels
      • Permanent emergency generators
      • Home security monitoring and control devices
      • Water purification and filtration systems
      • Installed sump pumps
      • Pool and hot tub pumps
      • Chair lifts and elevators

This cost-effective coverage applies to quite a few more home systems you may have in place, including some computer equipment and permanent appliances. We recommend you speak to your HUB International insurance advisor today about your home and see if this coverage is a good fit you.

Although we cannot tackle your spring to-do list for you, we can offer you a few tips on how to get started and what repairs to look for around the house and in the yard. We hope that your investigation leads to only minor fixes that you can do yourself. However, if it doesn’t, you should feel confident that your HUB International advisors are always here for you to offer you sound advice, recommendations of local vendors to hire, or to help file and process a claim on your behalf.

For more information about Home Systems Protection Coverage, or to add it to your home insurance policy, contact your HUB International advisor today or call us at 800-243-8134. Our team will always be here ready to answer your questions, review your policy, and help you make informed decisions about the optimal home insurance for you, your home and your life.

If you ever have a question about home insurance, just call HUB International. Simplify your life and save money by bundling your auto and home policies.

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