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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

The nature of employee benefits has changed substantially and continues to evolve. ICNE can help you understand your opportunities and your obligations.

Several employee benefits have been required for years, others are recent additions, and more and more are being phased in. To further complicate matters, there are a variety of employee perks that, while not required, can prove vitally important to a business like yours that is competing for, and trying to attract and retain, the most talented workers.

ICNE is uniquely qualified to help you develop the optimal strategy for offering not only required benefits options, but also those that you want to provide your employees to ensure a happier, healthier workforce. Our dedicated employee benefits team, including our certified ACA specialist, will assist you with making the right health care coverage decisions, managing your costs, and implementing a holistic plan that is unique to your business and employee needs.

Group Benefits

When you choose to work with the ICNE employee benefits team, you will receive support in executing a full range of group insurance options plus additional assistance with FSA, COBRA, HIPAA, ACA compliance, and so much more.

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Voluntary Benefits

Some benefits are important to certain employees but irrelevant for others. With ICNE as your insurance partner, you can offer both a thoughtful and cost-conscious program of voluntary benefits for employees to choose from.

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Group Life Insurance

As your employee benefits team, ICNE will make sure you consider commonly overlooked, but important, employee benefits like Group Life Insurance, which can significantly lower the rate your entire workforce pays for life insurance.

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