Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Are you sure you are doing everything you can to secure your company against cyber threats?

In addition to all the speed and convenience provided by a connected world, a whole new category of risk has been created: cyber liability. Increasingly, business services are provided and transactions are conducted online. Data about businesses and customers is stored on premise and on the cloud. Products, services and issues are discussed on company blogs and social media.

ICNE can help you protect your business from cyber liability lawsuits related to issues such as data breach and cyber fraud. We can provide you with a complete online network security risk assessment, resulting in a comprehensive report of your company’s exposures. We can even provide coverage for your websites, blogs and social media presence.

A photo of a man typing on a computer, protected from attacks with cyber liability insurance

The risks are out there, and growing. Get your business protected against:

  • Direct loss
  • Legal liability
  • Consequential loss resulting from cybersecurity breaches

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